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Unfortunately, too many Mississippians fail to properly plan their estates. They mistakenly believe that only the super wealthy need to worry about doing so. Then, when they pass, the family gets torn apart. Nobody knows the intent of the deceased. The state takes control and divides the property according to some impersonal formula. Things would have gone a lot smoother if the deceased had come to Smith & Smith for estate law advice.


Everyone should have a will. This document informs the authorities how you want your property dispersed after death. Without a will, your surviving family may fight over who should get what. Instead of your death bringing everyone closer, it could cause serious divisions.

Let Smith & Smith, use his over four decades of experience in drafting wills to help you keep the peace in your family.


Quite often, the chosen executor of an estate might not be working in the best interest of the family. Smith & Smith can help you challenge the executor and find a more suitable replacement.

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If you need experienced estate planning advice, from writing a will to setting up a trust fund, Smith & Smith, serving Carthage, Leake County, and all of central Mississippi, is here to help.