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Carthage Product Liability Attorney

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As consumers, we purchase products with the belief that they are safe for their intended use. Unfortunately, not all products are. When a product is defective to the point that it poses risks of injuries, consumers can suffer harm that could and should have been prevented. Fortunately, product liability laws allow victims harmed by all types of consumer products to bring legal action against the manufacturer or other party that made an unsafe product available to the public.

Because product liability claims typically involve product manufacturers and other corporations that have extensive assets at their disposal, these claims can be challenging. At Smith & Smith, our lawyers have the insight, experience, and resources to help injured victims and families effectively level the playing field with these large corporations – many of which put profits over people in their attempts to defend against claims and pay as little as possible.

If you or someone you love have been harmed or injured by a malfunctioning product contact Smith and Smith today — Serving Carthage, Leake County and all of Central Mississippi.