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Attorney James E. Smith, III

James E. Smith, III

Criminal Defense & Family Law Attorney

Equipped with decades of knowledge passed down from generation to generation, a true passion for helping others, and a dynamic approach, James E. Smith, III joined the family law firm in 2004. His tenacious spirit and advantageous network of police officers, prosecutors, and judges give him a leg up in criminal proceedings, while his commitment to upholding the high standard of compassionate counsel created by the attorneys who came before him sets him apart in family law matters.

Attorney James E. Smith, Jr.

James E. Smith, Jr.

Family Law Attorney

Smith & Smith was founded by Attorney James E. Smith I in 1947. Determined to follow in his father's footsteps and continue his legacy, James E. Smith, Jr. joined the firm in 1976. His understanding of, and appreciation for, the value of family coupled with his extensive experience in the industry makes him an exceptional legal partner for those navigating divorce proceedings, child custody matters, or other legal difficulties involving the people who matter most. Reach out today for guidance in Carthage, Philadelphia, or Decatur.