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Drug Crimes Attorneys in Carthage, Mississippi

Fight Back Against Strict Drug Charges and Sentencing

Drug crimes in the state of Mississippi carry harsh penalties. Even first-time offenders can suffer hefty fines and jail time. Never plead guilty to a drug offense without counsel from a lawyer. Contact Smith & Smith today to make the best decision for your future in Carthage or Philadelphia, MS.

Let us guide you through all of your legal options. Smith & Smith will use all available resources to fight for your best possible outcome in court. Call today to retain a dedicated drug felony lawyer in the Carthage or Philadelphia, MS areas.

Drug Crimes Carry Serious Penalties

Get the Representation You Deserve

Your lawyer at Smith & Smith will work to challenge the evidence presented against you. If you’ve been charged with a serious drug crime, schedule a free consultation during which we’ll:

  • Review all of the facts and evidence from your case

  • Explain the trial process and potential outcomes

  • Prepare you for your court date

Never speak to police or attempt to talk your way out of drug crimes. Retain a skilled lawyer immediately for representation in Carthage or Philadelphia, MS.