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Misdemeanor Traffic Violations Attorneys in Carthage, Mississippi

Traffic Violations Can Have Serious Consequences

If you’ve been cited for a misdemeanor traffic violation, you need to hire an experienced attorney. While it may seem simpler to just pay the fine and move on, traffic violations can result in more serious penalties. Smith & Smith can help you protect your driving privileges with a solid criminal defense.

Don’t get points on your license for a simple mistake. Call now to schedule an appointment with a traffic violation attorney in Carthage, MS.

Fight Back Against a Traffic Violation

We Can Handle All Traffic Violation Cases

Everyone makes mistakes when driving sometimes. If you’ve received a traffic violation citation for…

  • Speeding

  • Running a red light

  • Driving without a license

… or any other misdemeanor traffic violation, we can help. Your attorney will do everything possible to get you reduced or dropped charges. Start working on your case with an attorney today.