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Failure to Register Attorneys in Carthage, Mississippi

Failure to Register Is a Serious Offense

Sex offenders in the state of Mississippi are required to follow the court-ordered steps to register their status. A failure to register a conviction can mean serious consequences for your future. Contact Smith & Smith today for experienced legal representation in the Carthage or Philadelphia, MS area.

Don’t let a failure to register cost you heavy fines and possible jail time. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

Did You Fail to Register as
a Sex Offender?

How Can Smith & Smith Help?

A failure to register defense requires challenging key information presented by the prosecution. Your criminal defense attorney at Smith & Smith can:

  • Assert that you did not legally have a duty to register.

  • Claim that you were not given reasonable knowledge of your requirement to register.

  • Challenge the evidence that you did not submit your paperwork.

Your dedicated criminal defense attorney will use decades of experience to give you the best chances in court. Contact us today for help removing these charges from your record in the Carthage, MS area.