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Domestic Violence Attorneys in Carthage, Mississippi

Facing Domestic Violence Charges? Get Legal Help

One domestic violence accusation can destroy your reputation. If you’ve been accused of abusing a family member or romantic partner, seek help from a domestic violence attorney. Smith & Smith takes domestic violence cases in Carthage and Philadelphia, MS. Whether you’ve been accused of assaulting or threatening another person, we can help.

Domestic violence charges are serious. If you’ve been charged, hire an attorney quickly. Call now to start working on your case with a domestic violence attorney.

Get the Legal Help You Deserve

What Are the Consequences of A Domestic Violence Conviction?

Domestic violence charges carry severe consequences. That’s why you need an experienced attorney in your corner. If you’re convicted, you could face:

  • Jail time

  • Hefty fines

  • Loss of custody

If you’re convicted of aggravated domestic violence, the punishments will be even harsher. Contact us today to start working on your case.