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Are you facing burglary or larceny charges? You need a criminal defense attorney who will stand by your side. Residents in the Carthage and Philadelphia, MS areas turn to Smith & Smith when they need effective legal representation.

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling burglary and robbery cases. We will build you a solid criminal defense and fight for you in the courtroom. Call now to schedule a consultation with a criminal defense attorney in Carthage, MS.

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What Are the Elements of A Burglary?

A burglary conviction in the state of Mississippi requires two details of the act to be proven without reasonable doubt. They are:

  • Entering a structure—the prosecution must be able to prove with certainty that you entered a structure without permission to do so.

  • Entering with the intent to commit a crime—just because you entered a structure without permission does not necessarily mean you meant to commit a criminal act. The prosecution must prove that you first decided to commit a crime, and then entered the building to carry it out.

At Smith & Smith, we understand the most effective strategies to challenge the evidence presented against you in burglary charges. Any doubt in the prosecution’s story can result in dropped charges or reduced sentences. Contact us today to retain a skilled criminal defense attorney.