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Child Abuse Attorneys in Carthage, Mississippi

Are You Facing Child Abuse Charges in Carthage, MS?

Child abuse charges are not always cut and dry. Every situation is different and you deserve a chance to tell your side of the story. If you’ve been charged with child abuse in Carthage, MS, get legal aid from Smith & Smith.

Our legal team can craft a defense that sheds light on what really occurred. With our help, your charges could be lowered or dropped if the accusations are unfounded.

Defend your future with help from a team of attorneys. Connect with us now to learn more about how we can help.

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What Is Child Abuse?

The laws regarding child abuse in Mississippi can be confusing. Here are a few basics:

  • Child abuse occurs when someone causes or allows abuse or injury to occur.

  • Child neglect occurs when a guardian refuses to care for the child’s well-being.

  • Felony charges can result when anyone has intentionally caused these issues.

Even if you’ve been charged, you have rights. Reach out to an attorney in Carthage, MS for legal counsel.