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Child support is calculated by a formula, but what if the numbers that are plugged into the formula are not correct? Whether you are paying or receiving child support, an experienced attorney can make sure that the amount is accurate and fair.

Smith & Smith represents either party in child support matters. We handle both divorce and paternity cases, and our lawyer can protect your interests in initial determination, modification or enforcement of court-ordered support.

The Mississippi child support guidelines are intended to take the mystery out of child support. The formula is based on the parents’ incomes, as well as parenting time (visitation) and other factors. However, the income reported to the court may not be accurate if the person is self-employed, paid in cash or intentionally underemployed. There may be legitimate reasons to deviate from the guidelines, such as special needs of the child or income that exceeds the chart.

Smith & Smith can represent you in court proceedings to challenge child support if you believe the amount is incorrect. We can also handle post-decree modifications to adjust child support for a substantial change in circumstance, such as job loss, promotion or a change in the parenting arrangements.

If the other parent is refusing to pay child support or paying only sporadically, we can pursue your remedies such as contempt of court proceedings and wage garnishment.

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