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The state is increasingly taking DUIs very seriously. You might have noticed the increased presence of officers on the roads. This vigilance is understood and, to a large degree, appreciated. However, many Mississippi motorists are beginning to feel they have lost a bit of their freedom. Everywhere you turn these days, the police are there to monitor your driving.

DUI Stop Problems

Many motorists charged with DUIs find out the authorities have not exactly played by all the rules. For example, it is not unheard of for the police to administer a blood alcohol test after leaving the scene of the traffic stop. This practice often happens when the officers have detained a driver for one infraction, which perhaps ends in an arrest, and afterwards decide to test the defendant for drugs or alcohol.

An alcohol blood test level of 0.08 percent or higher means you are above the legal limit. An arrest can be made on a DUI charge. However, state law requires the test be given at the scene of the arrest, not some time afterward. Unfortunately, some prosecutors have found ways to circumvent this requirement, leading to convictions for people stopped for one thing and later charged with a DUI.

Get Help to Avoid DUI Penalties

If charged with a DUI, you can face you can face jail time, loss of driving privileges and heavy fines. The law firm of Smith & Smith helps you get the justice you deserve. You need a lawyer who has worked as a judge in Carthage to help you better the odds of avoiding a DUI conviction. Smith & Smith will ensure that the prosecutor and arresting officers follow the letter of the law and that any technicalities or unjust procedures get duly noted.