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The arrest and conviction of a crime has continuing negative effect on an individual’s record. For instance, employers and professional schools (i.e. medical, legal, accounting, and nursing) all make decisions on whether to hire or admit a candidate, in part or in whole, on the basis of their criminal history. Moreover, a criminal history may prevent you from receiving a loan, leasing an apartment, holding a professional license, voting and even purchasing a firearm.

In Mississippi, it is possible to expunge a record of misdemeanor and some felony convictions. While not all offenses can be expunged and barriers still exist for many individuals, we have helped many clients successfully expunge their records.

If you wish to expunge a criminal record, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can make a world of difference. It is critical that you properly adhere to all legal requirements and make a compelling argument showing why an expungement is warranted in your case. As a former judge and an experienced criminal defense attorney with more than 30 years of legal experience, James “Jes” Smith, III can provide the knowledgeable advice and skilled representation you require.

In the case of a person with a felony that is not eligible for expungement, or the person has more than one felony, that person may still be able to own and possess a firearm in Mississippi through obtaining a Certificate of Rehabilitation. The Certificate of Rehabilitation must be granted by the Judge or Court where you plead guilty. In Mississippi where we have such an abundance of wild game and hunting is how many people grew up, restoring your hunting rights can be very important to many people.

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