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Felony Expungements Attorneys in Carthage, Mississippi

Felony Records Can Be Expunged in Certain Circumstances

Despite what you might have heard, you could get a felony conviction expunged from your record. You should retain a seasoned criminal defense lawyer in Carthage, MS to guide you through the expungement process. The lawyers at Smith & Smith boast over 55 years of experience.

Your dedicated criminal defense lawyer can file your paperwork and represent you at your hearing. Make an appointment today to speak with a skilled lawyer at Smith & Smith.

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What Kind of Charges Can Be Expunged?

Under Mississippi expungement law, the following felony charges can be erased or sealed:

  • Larceny

  • Shoplifting

  • False Pretense

  • Malicious Mischief

  • Drug and Paraphernalia Possession

To qualify, you must complete all terms of your sentence and wait five years before filing for expungement. Learn more by contacting Smith & Smith in Carthage, MS.