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Serving: Leake, Neshoba, Scott, and Newton Counties and All of Central Mississippi.

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The lawyers at Smith & Smith handle both criminal and civil cases for Mississippi clients in need. James “Jimmy” E. Smith, Jr., has practiced for over four decades and focuses on the civil law. You can count on him for compassionate advice on estate planning, personal injury, family law and more.

Meanwhile, James “Jes” Smith III has over a dozen years of experience in the criminal law. He has helped thousands of clients in misdemeanor cases and hundreds in felony cases. In fact, he was the Municipal Judge of Carthage for four years, providing him with additional insight into the criminal process unavailable to most attorneys.

Do not risk your present and future by allowing inexperienced attorneys to handle the case for you or a loved one. Smith & Smith is here to help you survive the complexities of the legal system as best as possible.